“This one, we went to Take Back the Night, the march and everything. I thought it was really important to just have that moment…just empowerment. So this picture symbolizes that moment of empowerment, how all those women really want to have the same thing and how we are all united on that one goal.”


“the darkness is like life… and these are always our barriers. And even though it seems like you can just go strait through your barriers, as a whole you can’t.. it seems so dark because it is so unknown. And barriers are always so apparent, they are so bright and in our way and recognizable…that sometimes it seems so hard to get through them…”

“This one symbolizes heaven is on fire to me. I feel that the heaven on this earth is on fire…all the wrong in the world is becoming so right. And…it’s just this huge change among the human race…We walk through this world everyday in ignorance. Like everything is okay. The fact is that none of us stop and take the time to realize that it’s really not. It’s really not okay. And that’s the thing…I feel it’s a shame that there is so much good that really gets burnt up.”


“I think when we go through this life we are often taught that if we are going to make it in this life you need to believe in the tangible. If you want to be successful, you have to grab what you can actually hold. You work hard, you go to school, you do these things, you gain employment, you have a house. Those are the terms of being successful in this life. And I think while everybody is growing up we get so…desensitized from what has actually brought us here and why we are here…And the reason why it is so hard is because you can’t hold it, you                 can’t see it or touch it or taste it or anything.”


“A lot of times we just stand alone and we are surrounded by the fire…after the fire there is always the burnt…And that burnt-ness is always what gives way to new life…that means we only have to wait a little while…there will be the burnt parts and that will bring new growth…whenever it happens it will be such a beautiful thing…”


“I would not be anywhere without my feet. And as hard as that road is to walk sometimes, it’s all I’ve got. And I have to use them and make the best of them if I want to get anywhere.”


“I’m the moon, and this is all the support people (clouds). It’s there and you can see it, but you can’t touch it and you can’t really go close to it. Because if you go close to that support, what’s going to happen? You can’t see the moon anymore, all you can see is the clouds. That’s what happens.”